A letter to Ruskin.

Dear Mr.Ruskin Bond,
I like your work very much. I am writing this letter to let you know how your writing has influenced my life. I thought you should know. The first book I read was 'The India I Love'. I happened to read a poem in that book, it was about a school boy with a shiny coin in his hands. The poem touched me. I decided to read more of your stories and poems. I like what you write because it is so honest and direct. I like the way you talk about animals and trees, the way you talk about the mountains and about road side shops. I like the bazaars in your stories, I like the Rusty that you created. I began wondering what it was that made your writing so beautiful, even when you were not telling a story, like in your diary: 'Landour Days'. In order to find out I decided to write something myself. I started writing. I kept it simple and true, I write about everyday things, sparrows, butterflies, beggars, my breakfast, even the cockroach in my bathroom. I don't write stories as I don't have the time to think of nice ones. But I write poetry and it makes me very happy. I share it with my friends, sometimes they like what I say, the other times they don't understand or don't like it. I started writing about sweets and birds and kids on the railway platforms. I wrote only what I saw, and tried to stick to the description alone. This produced good results. My writing gave me joy and sometimes my friends liked it a lot. Since then I have been writing, I don't think I will ever write for a living, but I might publish a book. Your books have inspired me to look at things around me with fresh eyes. I notice that your books never judge or label. I keep it that way when I look at things or when I talk to people, it is so much more beautiful.

I thank you for all the stories and poems.


Sagar Kolte

The author wishes to thank Megha for inspiring this post.


Differently Challenged said...

Are you going to send this to him?

And please keep on writing what you want to, even if we don't comment

megha punater said...

you should send it to him,arent his books just amazing?

Sagar said...

DC,Megha~ Thanks! I do not have his postal address, I once sent him a letter on some address and I'm guessing that it did not reach him. Does anyone know his address?

megha punater said...

will try to find it i have it somewhere in an old diary.

astroid said...

hey, I actually went to his house!

It is in Mussorie. Umm but I dont know the postal address.
I will ask my uncle, he somehow figured out where RB was staying.

r s said...

direct, honest and impressive!

Sagar said...

Megha~ Thanks, it will be really nice if you can.

Astroid~ Thanks, do ask him.

r s~ Thanks :)

mentalfloss said...

you sent it to him,
and he wrote back!
yay! :)

keep writing!
(as in, not just to him! lol)


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