Weight Loss

He could feel her wet upper lip between his own lips. He fondled her breasts and she kept saying something the vaguely resembled a 'no'. He woke up to find a late evening light rushing into the room through the window. "So sensuous, that dream of mine, I haven't had such dreams for a quite a while now", he thought. The damp air was making him sneeze and a walk looked like the kind of thing he would do on an evening like this one. He had to order his dinner from the lady next door, and before that make sure he had some waste newspaper to collect the morsels of food. The dustbin would become dirty if he threw the morsels as they were, the wet things would stick to the bottom and grow mold over them, it made sense to wrap them in a piece of paper before they went to the dustbin. He looked into one of the closets for newspaper and found a piece, it was a weight loss advertisement. Pictures of ladies before and after the program, some kanti ben who weighed 78kg before and draped herself in a saree weighed 55kg later and wore a kurta. She looked so pathetic in both the pictures, he put the piece away with some irritation. On the road he walked down looking at people, on their bikes, in their cars, people coming back from work. It was a Saturday evening, and the road looked like it had rained not very long ago. He was hoping it would not rain for he did not have an umbrella, it began to drizzle. This was O.K as long as it did not pour. He was walking back when he saw a girl returning from somewhere, she looked like she was from some college she wore a top that seemed to flow down her body, the curves were very visible. He went back home and masturbated.

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astroid said...

LOL!! this is a little interesting now that it includes sex!


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