She Sang

My Grandma, she sang the other day.
I had forgotten,
all the times she put me to sleep,
with her voice, and milk.

Through all these years,
of my school, my exams,
my far away college, my career,
I had forgotten my sweet past.

Sweet notes, soft and seasoned.
I had forgotten,
that in an old wizened corner of my soul,
there was a song I could go back to.

The notes smell like afternoon milk,
they smell like the little school bag,
and the slate.

Her voice shakes of age,
and I feel like I am reading,
a friend of long ago.
And thinking of all the times,
we ran wild over young meadows.


The Meadow Blog said...

Lovely poetry although I didn't come on here to comment specifically for that.

The reason I am here is because your blog was linked to mine by the Google search engine. All my blogs have the Google facility to help draw traffic into my blogs.

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I sincerely believe that there is the romantic in everyone. I know you have it otherwise you would not be writing poetry.

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These are early days, but I'm hoping that a lot of people will visit The Meadow Home Page and learn all about it and leave a contact so that they can be notified as and when the book is for general sale.

Thanks for reading this Sagar and good luck with your poetry. By all means keep in touch if you want to.


Mike O'Hare

Priyanka said...

above is the example of social media.
k... I was under the impression that you wrote about real stuff. So is this poem about your grandmother??
Did you'll actually run wild over young meadows or is it like "young meadows" is supposed to mean the time when she was young?? So some kind of figure of speech!

priya said...

the poem was lovely. reminded me of my grandmother.

Differently Challenged said...

Wonderful!! Brought back so many memories...

Priyanka said...

Is it only me who can remember the greasy and uncombed hair of my grand mother, and her constant muttering aloud of her minds chatter!

Priyanka said...

megha punater said...

lovely sagar,i wish i had a grandmother to remember

Sagar said...

Priya~Honored, I have a lot of respect for your art, I am really glad you liked it.

DC~Thanks. :-)

Megha~Thanks. :-)

Priyanka~You are confusing me! I have commented on your blog though.


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