Pretty Darn Lonely

Everybody seems like a break these days, and no one wants to put a post up their blogs, that has affected me. I haven't been posting, not even some decent photographs of the Kalaghoda fest that I recently visited. I also realize that I have not written a 'prose' post in some time now, this is surprising, for when this blog statred out, I did not think it would have a single poem on it. Funny how times change. These days I am afraid of writing prose for the fear of sounding too self-indulgent and bland. I hope to get over it some day. I see that my blog has 10 followers, Ten! that is a lot of people! I feel good about that, I hope they are having a good time. My mathematics has been keeping me busy for most of my time now, and that too is making it easy for me to not write here. I think I will stop here, up next, some photographs form the Kalaghoda Fest that happened in Mumbai recently.


Junuka said...

you have a great blog!
surprisingly, i m feeling the same for a while words!

Sagar Kolte said...

Junuka~ Thank you Very Much. :)


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