If I Could Draw

If i could draw, I would probably just draw solitary lit up windows on silent city nights, they fascinated me as a kid, and even today, when I want to sleep, thinking about them helps. They are usually windows of tall skyscrapers with mist and smog floating about them. The windows may or may not have some one at them. I like to think that they are windows to a bed room, or a study, where someone is writing a letter or is getting into bed, with a dad reading out a bed time story to him, for it is a boy's bedroom that I like to imagine. Sometimes I think that maybe some guy is coming back to his wife after a long day's work, into the bedroom, where she is waiting for him, reading a book perhaps. All he now has to do is take a warm shower and snuggle into her arms for a good night's sleep. Sometimes the windows are not high up, they are the windows of an all night cafe at the bottom of a building, by the side of a wide snow covered road sparkling under the streetlights. The coffee is warm and the cookies chewy, but there is no one there, except of course, for the manager and a tired bartender. I think the snow outside, or the fog on a silent night are as important to my love for solitary windows as the windows themselves. For without them there is not much so special about that one glowing light, that scary bedtime story or that one warm bed with your love in it. That is why I would like to draw my windows from the outside, as if being watched from another room of a neighbouring skyscraper. For all that one needs to imagine what the window hides in its warm glow is a look at the smog floating like a shroud over the silent lonely night and the snow sparkling under the hard light of a street lamp.

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nikheel said...

nicely imagined sagar...


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