Rethinking of a Concept

People are compelled to re-think of the purpose of a social concept. They often need to re-assess ways of thinking about institutions, relationships and conflict. So many times have we experienced a sense of new-found purpose in life, as a student, as a parent, as a protector or guide. Professionals have had to re-orient themselves according to the changing roles of corporations and citizens have had to find new ways of thinking about their neighbours. This blog too as a concept is undergoing such a phase. Some earlier posts have described this blog as a place where I explore my writing skills. But over time I have come to meet new and interesting blog friends, who through their blogs have suggested new and exciting possibilities of ways in which a blog can be used. This blog will now also be a medium for me to open my self in a public domain so that I may change in meaningful ways, it is a way to explore what is inside me and contribute in a responsible way to what is inside other people. Blogs are fast becoming a medium for cross-cultural communication through the use of art and other forms of visual communications, I shall attempt to be a part of this gentle revolution.


Shafi said...

Yeah man. Sure we do need to express ourselves. Keep rolling. I assure full support for guy related issues.

theolddrifter said...

Dear sagar,
you've been commenting on my blog for a little while now, I just want you to know that they don't go unnoticed and I am glad to recieve them.


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