Poems From The Wallet

My wallet is a historian. It tells me how I grew up and what I laughed at and what words I stood by. I think that is every historians job, to remind people of what they laughed at and what they thought made a lot of sense. Here are some memoirs, from my beloved wallet.

I don't think so anymore, the world is a difficult place, but it's not so rough and slippery, and one can walk around with dreamy eyes and still get by.

That is me (To the left) and my friend Akshay, best buddies from school, this one was for the school magazine, we had won a quiz contest so they put up our photo.

This is me, Akshay did that in one sleepy Hindi class, I look insane.

That is Sanket, we called him Chandu. I did this one, we loved doing such things to each other.

I was still in school when I read this, It shocked me, but I did not know how to feel about it.
This is the speech I gave at the farewell. It is full of pompous language, flowery words and spelling mistakes. I don't write like that any more, I like to keep it simple.

This is a card, a really small one. It has a painting drawn by an artist with the brush held in his mouth. Akshay gave it to me, when I lost a Table Tennis match to him.


mysterious_malady said...

i thought you'd lost your wallet? remember thats how i got to your blog. i might be wrong!

Sagar said...

Mysterious_maladay~ I think this is the first time you are commenting on my blog. And perhaps you are referring to my post : 'The lost wallet', well it was not about me losing my wallet, it was about finding a wallet lost by someone else. But in either case I thank you for dropping by and taking a look at my blog. :)

Sagar said...

mysterious_maladay~ I was wrong in saying that this is your first comment. My apologies. You have commented before on my post titled 'Tagged' and you had commented to say 'Hey' so thanks for that and here is my hello to you: Hello!

theolddrifter said...

Your wallet is like a sketchbook, with details recorded over a period of time,I think all of us are writing history, sometimes in recognisable forms and sometimes in abstract. The post made me smile and I could travel back to my school days.
Thx for sharing.

Chandan said...

Such treasures...! love the crazy old photos and bits of newspaper.


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