I lost a toy the other day,
it went tumbling down
the year that was.

I could hear
that hollow sound
things make on their way down,
when they hit
the walls of a dark tunnel.

The toy is gone
and the tunnel blocked.
Not much I can do.


Chandan said...


"I lost you somewhere in my head tonight
In the middle of a thought?
hurtling down sleep
that came visiting in tunnels.
Falling, making hollow dissonant noises
only feeling all the while
that it were in soft wispy motion
forward first then back
like a feather in flight. "

Little bit same to same?

Sagar said...

Chandan~ Yeah, but I swear I did not plagiarize.

That is a nice poem. :)

Chandan said...

hey, u could not have plagarised, I wrote the stuff on the back of an envelope a few days ago...just the similarities with your work resonated.... or was it i who got subliminaly inspired...;-)

Sagar said...

Chandan~ Oh I am sure you are quite capable of doing this absolutely on your own. :)


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