In your million windows,
conversations, fights,
orgasms, songs,
chai, coffee
and a zillion dreams
lie hidden.


astroid said...

Hey Sagar,
Nice poem! I could understand this simple one after reading it twice so... my brain might not be for poems :p
Good pictures too... just found out from you that you made them!!

Sagar said...

Astroid~Thanks! I did not know you were asrtoid :P

Chit said...

did you sketch any part of the skyline in particular?

Sagar said...

Chit~ I drew the whole skyline myself, I am not sure what you mean.

Anrosh said...

great sketch and words

Sagar said...

Anrosh~Thanks :-)

megha punater said...

good one sagar

Sagar said...

Megha~ :-) Thanks so much.


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