Sipping the Past

I am sipping water,
It's hot, I take small sips,
slowly, I want it to
cure my headache.

It's been a long day,
so many miles,
so many people, strangers, mostly,
my knees are giving away.

I like the sunset today,
like a postcard from a friend of far away.
I run down the stairs
to see it, without the
window in between me and the sun.

I want to talk, to the people,
to their past,
I want to see what they see,
I want to float down,
gently, like a fallen petal,
down the gurgling brook of yesterday.


Chit said...

I like this one!

Sagar said...

Chit~Thanks! Sigh! finally. :)

astroid said...

your poems seem to be getting simpler to understand!! :p

Sagar said...

astroid~ :-)


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