Wounds for Sale

Wounds for sale!
Fresh wounds,
straight from the war.
Dark wet flowers,
fine wounds for sale.

Like a flourishing plague,
on a pale meadow.
Wounds of love,
wounds from distant shores.
Wounds for sale.

Obscure wounds from hidden dilemmas,
gangrenous wounds,
wounds from the country doctor,
wounds from the snows of Kilimanjaro.
Wounds for sale.

Take them sir,
such fine little things.
But they will grow,
all of them, and consume,
that soul you are tired of,
wounds for sale!

They may bleed,
but they won't hurt.
Such good natured things.
You will only die,
a tired man.
Wounds for sale.


samudrika said...
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samudrika said...

Reading this one i wonder about the reference to the "country doctor" and "Kliminjaro". is there any particular significance?

Sagar said...

Samudrika~ Yes they are as follows:

1)Country Doctor: A story by Kafka about a doctor who visits a boy with a 'fine wound'.

2)Snows of Kilimanjaro: A story by Hemingway whose opening scene is about a wounded man whose wound does not hurt.

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Büşra said...

thnx for sharing..

izmir evden eve

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