I feel Like Stopping

Today I feel like stopping,
like sitting back and letting my brain wander.
I don't want to run today,
I want to sit down on the grass and do nothing.

I'm disappointed,
my muse has turned away, has left.
Now I am museless,
I want to stop.

Muses are bad things to possess,
they can cut you.
Leaving you hurt.
So I no longer possess any of them.
They wander,
in and out of my mind.
Like lingering ghosts.

But these ghosts I need.
I need the ghosts at-least.
An artist needs a muse,
if not that, at-least a ghost.

So much for those who leave us,
when they depart,
I feel like stopping.
Standing in the grass,
the yellow daffodils by my feet.
For one timeless moment,
I feel like stopping.

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