Midnight Snack

I like the pan hot,
I slice some onion and chop a chilly,
and sprinkle some salt.
On a hot pan.

I like to choose,
between the spread and butter,
between the jam and pepper.
I like to flip my creation,
on a hot pan.

The eggs I mash,
pour out a yellow I like,
The yellow goes a little brown,
on the hot pan.

I chomp away with delight,
the toast and the egg,
I like to end my day,
On a hot pan.


Anonymous said...

i too like that way. :)

Chit said...

Echt lekker! :D

Sagar said...

Gaizabonts~ :)

Chit~ Dank u :)

IG said...

there you go again....tempting me to compare you to Christie :))

Fingers said...


Sagar said...

ig~ well sigh! :)
Fingers~ :)

Mental Floss said...

I do this at least 5days out of evert 7, if not more!

Cheers to egg o toast!

(of your posts, this one is my fave)

Sagar said...

mental floss~Thanks :)


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