Yesterday I saw four robins on one of the lamp-posts, I was not sure of their robinness since these had tails which split into two near the end. But sanket insisted that they were robins, mature ones, and hence their tails were diffrent towards the end, young robins can hold the tail together all along its length.


chingachgook said...

what colour were they??
if black.. then its a fork tailed drongo.
besides robins i believe are very small and colourful.

kay said...

hey...hmm...dont have much to speak about ur post...but well it is certainly enlightning about the nuances of young and mature robins...will remember that if i ever end up in a life and death situation with robins.

Sagar said...

Well, use it as you please, it was just an observation.

By the way, do I know you?
How did you know about my blog


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