Of rocks and the woods.

Here are some pictures of the Woods. All by Dev again.

The Woods from the first floor.

Of Rocks and Thinkers: Chitrak, Sagar,Oscar (Left to Right)

More Rocks

Conversations outside the chem lab.

The Cubical Rock

Stumps to sit on

Stumped at studying.

Octagons and Bridges

The Hostel


Divya Sagar said...

this is soo cool!thank u so much for putting these not sure what they did to the foyer was any good..but what the heck its fine..its still xaviers! its the people in it that matter :D thnks!

Differently Challenged said...

Maybe now You should write about the 15 sided Pentegons and the Hexagon in Hexagon at Nariman Point.

Btw in one of the pictures, you forgot to mention the monkey sitting on the rock!

Miku said...

how dare they move da rock! it was our rock.. i think v guys spent 95% o our time on dat rock... in da woods... jus stare and bitch bout da ppl passin us... but neway... pls bring da rock back... and though i dun hate wot dey havdun wid da foyer it kinds reminds me o a big "dhaba".. i sure a lotta x.xavierites agree wid dat one!

Miku said...

oh yea and "xaviers rulllz"!!!


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