The Woods

Woha! People liked my description of the foyer. But I must assure you that I'm pretty nonchalant about this, and I shall continue to describe the college as a mere observer from some other planet will. So with only two exam papers to go and a holiday in between I proceed to describe the woods of the St.Xavier's College, Mumbai.

The "Woods" is a place adjoining the foyer and as a result has to contain the human spill that occurs in the breaks at xavier's. When I was in the first year(two years ago) the place was basically an open ground with four huge trees and a few shrubs, it stayed that way for such a short period of time that I hardly remember what the place first looked like. You can go across it to reach the offices, the xavier's institute of communication, and the boys hostel. What I will describe is what it looks like now. The mud on the ground has now been replaced by stone tiles with some space between them for grass to grow(they tried sowing some grass initially but attempts failed, so they have left the gaps to themselves.) One of the three trees was cut down as a part of the beautification of the place(they sliced the trunks into neat stumps and painted them with protective paint so that they could serve as stools, no other college has such stools in it's campus), there are two rocks just outside the chem lab, one fairly cubical and the other of the shape of a draggled bean bag . The three trees which stand in the woods(I dont know what they are called, but one of the has small leaves and the other two have leaves with wavy edges) are surrounded by circular flower and bush beds, these things are pretty wide leaving no place for any one to sit underneath the trees, but the bush beds and the places which are for people to sit form a nice mosaic of octagons which almost fills the woods. So you will have a octagon full of plants with leaves of alternating green and yellow and you will have red flowers with yellow pollen and you will have yellow flowers with the pollen not visible you will have bushes that form neat hedges and plants whose leaves are of the shape of a star, separated from another similar(well almost) octagon by a bridge like path that connects two octagons meant for sitting. (I must have the pictures from Dev) . Here too as in the foyer you will find couples cuddling each other and more beautiful girls, octagonal meetings of groups from all kinds of ideologies and play practices and hindustani music (not so much of guitar, that, only in the foyer). A lot of kaapi and tea and sandwiches, umbrellas, lousily dressed resident students and more beautiful girls.
I must share with you this moment which I experienced one morning while sipping black coffee over abstract algebra in the foyer. The morning sky was cloudy but did not look like it would rain, all of a sudden it was a torrent! I turned my gaze to the woods and looked at the million leaves there, as the drops began to fall on them they all quivered in a timeless rhythm ,yellow, green,spiked,round, all at once ,and they wouldn't stop.


Divya Sagar said...

really?why did they do all that!spent most of my xaviers days there..!!waiting for lab to start, during break, while bunking..bla that big rock still around?coz that was "our rock"! the one in front of the tree near the chem labs..? could sit on it till eternity!

Sagar said...

Well, the rock is gone im sorry but I write only what I see.

Sagar said...

The rocks are still there!
The one just outside the chem lab is cubical in shape and there is another just near it.

Thank You

dhun said...

Sagar, the Woods lead to the Xavier's Institute of Communications not Management!

Sagar said...

Thanks Dhun!

Divya Sagar said...

OK I tagged my blog :D

Sagar said...

It is an honour.


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