I have been tagged! Thanks to Divya.

People want to know more about me, or so I infer. I am expected to write twenty things. Here goes...

1) I am a student of mathematics.

2) I think that my first comment on my self should be the first one, I simply
don't have a choice.

3) I like objective unbiased observance.

4) I love this world like a flower loving a traveller, It does not want the traveller to stay, or posess it,It does not want to be tamed. It can watch the traveller go as it watched it come, it does not spring out of opposites, just through a permeating clarity, choiceless,emotionless,intelligent.

5)I prefer intellectual activity to chatting or flirting.

6)I love maths.

7)There lies no conflict within me.

8)Mathematics to me is a subject that has grown out of choicelessness, all of mathematics must be the way it is, there can be no other way.

9)I cannot write more than nine things about my self.


Differently Challenged said...

hey sagar
its about point 3 "I like objective unbiased observance."
Can you be really objective and unbised if you are biased towards objectivity?

BTW, what is a " bypasser"

Sagar said...

bypasser: Traveller

Sagar said...

im not talking about the objectivity which is the opposite of subjectivity.

Let's see this, the peace which is the opposite of war is connected to time so is temporary, it represents the temporary victory of an entity (peace) over it's opposite (war). Total timeless peace is the result of the dissolution of both "peace" and "war". Now look at the new peace, is this not radically diffrent from the opposite of war?

If you substitute objectivity for peace and subjectivity for war in the above argument then you will get what im saying.

Divya Sagar said...

you can't get away with 9! thats completely unfair

Sagar said...

I will add more as they come!

Fingers said...

...There lies no conflict within you...
wow! must be a great feeling!

Sagar said...

Yes, If you really understand what that means. :)

Anonymous said...

hi; lovely work.
i never new you write so well

Sagar said...

so you know me, I would be glad to know your identity


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