I am a taxi driver. I drive down rain washed roads on late nights and take people where they ask me to take them, sometimes I wonder if I should talk to them, these people, gruff workmen, call girls, dads, moms all wanting to go some place. But then I just shut up, I got no business with these people, except that place they want me to take them to, I mean, shouldn't there be one guy who shuts the fuck up and does what he is told to do? No questions, pure work. I like to think it is a pretty sweet relationship this one between the driver and the passenger, everyone does what is expected, and leaves without a bitter taste in the mouth. It can get lonely at times but I get by, I mean, I think we all are lonely at times, not talking can't make me more lonely, all the people I take places, all of them feel lonely one time or another, their faces look just like mine ,that is how I can tell. I have a theory, I think they all are trying to fill a hole somewhere, that is why they keep darting through the night on weary roads in my cab and all this has something to do with that bout of loneliness they face, once in a while just like I do, they feel very lonely. The difference is, I keep driving.

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