Losing a Tongue

I lost a tongue the other day,
with all it's primal flourish
and incendiary idiom.
It dropped of, like a rotting
banana peel.

Such disgrace, it was a wound
vomiting the pus of arrogant ideas.
but now there is silence
I can not get used to.

Growing a new tongue takes time
and fresh arrogance.
I will go look for it in the whore houses
where luscious buds harbour
the nectar that tiny tongues swallow.


nikheel said...

Super Sagar! liked it.

Sagar said...


bhumika said...

it's disturbingly good. Powerful one this is!

junuka said...

nice blog!!!

Chandan said...

nice ... nice.. and i am thinking, sometimes as you are looking around for the lost tongue, is a wonderful opportunity to savour silence, given time the quiet can help rebuild a whole person, tongue in place...

Sagar said...


megha punater said...

good one sagar


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