Coffee Shops in Society

All the people that form this society we live in, have over the ages performed tasks, through their quest for a livelihood or for the love of it. Engineers have helped us relate to science, doctors have helped us understand our body, artists have invited debate and have celebrated expression on their canvas. Bankers have helped us think about our money and teachers are mentoring minds. The coffee shop too is doing its bit. People need to sit down when they arrive in a new city, people need to talk, people need to drink coffee. Spaces have always played an important role in society. The town hall, the park, the esplanade, and the coffee shop. All these have become the canvas upon which people splash themselves, and then ponder upon the patterns that arise. The strength of a coffee shop is its ability to get out of the way of people, like a good canvas that accentuates the art, managing its own absence. People have grown to know each other in these places, they have had reunions and several histories have been saved from oblivion. This is a place for knots to dissolve, things to fall in place and minds to clear, all because one can sit down and sip coffee, reasserting once again, the deep sense that having a good time makes.

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Chit said...

:) Hear, hear!


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