There! Drink up sir! That is my Chai, laced with ginger and turmeric. I bang my wares upon each other, but it is made with all the love you can find in a tea stall under the shade of the banyan here on this crowded Bombay alley. Things are so transient here upon this city and so much more on this alley. The faces are new, the weather uncertain, the politicians, poets and parents all talk differently with passing time, even the street changes it's colour. But me? No sir, I stay right here giving you this adrak wali chai laced with the love that is found only in this sweltering shady tea stall. This place is that one unmoving spot which you will know exists when your spouse fights with you over breakfast and that bastard in office bums you out again. My Chai is the unchanging parameter in your insurance policies and in how you bring your kids up, as you discuss them with you friend. We need these honest faithful parameters don't we sir? With all these crazy changes there ought to be some honesty in our existence, that is my job sir, I give your reality a sense of truth and then of course, I give you Chai.


Cheese Products said...

Wish you the same!

nikheel said...

very very well written, Sagar!
Also saw your previous posts, good job with your camera, I can see some more interesting visual poetry coming up :)

Sagar said...

nikheel~ Thanks man, you made my day. :)

Anonymous said...

I see you maturing with not only language but also with content over a long period of posts.
God bless you.

Sagar said...

Anon~ Thank You.

aarzoo said...

very well written Sagar. i am a tea fiend..
its an inexplicable revelation of human emotions at these nukkads over a cup of tea..


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