Canon EOS-1000D

With the kind of blogland friends I have, it is hard not to have a camera. I finally got my self a Canon DSLR. Here are a few initial attempts.

This one is made of wood, a friend got it for me from China.
The reindeer is my favorite, this too is Chinese.

A tiny ceramic cup, I always wondered how one got the nice fuzzy background.

Miniature cups.
A plant in my gallery.

The usual self portrait.

I wish to thank Megha, Priya and Madhu for inspiring me, their blogs have sparked my interest in photography and taught me to really see things.


megha punater said...

wow amazing :)

Priyanka Dalal said...

good photos... I myself got a new camera a cybershot.. still working on how it works!!
Just today figured out that the flash can be stopped from flashing :p

Sagar said...

Megha, Priyanka ~ Thanks!

krish said...

Awesome work! Have you considered sending to a competition ever??? Do it now! You may read more HERE, to get to know about the competition!It ll fetch you good recognition!

Sagar said...

Krish~ Thanks for dropping by, I think I have a long way to go before I can consider myself deserving of the honours you have conferred me with. But your admiration is gladly received.


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