Having a Good Time

Buy soft spiced bread, some cheese spread, a couple of fresh tomatoes, a huge sausage, six eggs and a box of apple juice. Cut the sausage, slosh a few eggs and break one straight on to a heated pan studded with garlic frying in some oil. Next surround the frying egg with the scrambled egg on the pan and garnish it with small pieces of sausage and a pinch of turmeric and salt. Slide this heap of joy onto your plate with the yellow still sunny and gooey. Now paint your slices of spiced bread with the yummy plain cheese spread and fold one to dip it into the delicious yellow of your egg. When you are finished with the yellow, fold the omelette (god it is large!) to fit your slices, (which of course are smeared in cheese) cover it with slices of fresh tomato and sausage, you could fry that in garlic if you wish, to make a sandwich. Take a bite and sip the apple juice.

PS: Don't do this too often.


Marukatsu said...

It brings you very happy time!


Have a nice day!

nikheel said...

my mouth is already watering :D

Sagar said...

Marukatsu, Nikheel~ Thanks. :)


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