Was cleaning my book-shelf the other day, lately it has become so full of things other than books, it puts me to shame. I like to see a book shelf full of books, without files, folders, an out of order hard drive, compact discs and pens that don't work. So while I was busy purging my shelf of these scraps of paper and silica, I had another commodity to deal with: Greeting cards. Cards by friends and cousins congratulating my brother on his doing well in school or wishing me a happy birthday and asking me not to grow up. I did not know where to put these. My notice board, I though would be as good a place as any, I could look at them when I wanted and smile to myself, that would be nice. So I put them up. That night my mother is asking me why I put them up on the notice board. I told her what I thought and she said to me: "Why don't you put them away in your many books?". "Why?" I asked. She said:"for then, once in a while, when you clean your book shelf, these things will pop into your hands like long lost friends materializing in a crowded market, and that will be nice."
I think I understand.


Chandan said...

I understand too Sagar!. Clean my book shelf once in a while just to see what i left inside books myself :-)
should aslo keep slipping things inside books ( child's drawing, candy wrappers..notes and such
) every once in a while to doscover them accidentally later too.

Sagar said...

Chandan~Yes, that sounds like a good idea. :)

Chit said...

A Very good idea :)

Aparna said...

Mothers know best. I find my childrens' drawings and hastily scribbled phone numbers in my books all the time. The drawings make me smile and the phone numbers make me frustrated....they dont have names and I go mad trying to figure out who they belong to.

nikheel said...

"...like long lost friends materializing in a crowded market" Very true Sagar! Its a really wonderful n innovative way to connect pals :)


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