What Lies Between Us

There are no screaming distances
nor the whining separation.
We have come a long way
and have not arrived.

What lies between us?
between two flowers of the same pod,
between two branches lightly swaying
between the two tongues
of flame from a single pyre?

Is it all void?
have we gone beyond,
what remains of the wooden sky?
Or has your laugh
flitted across my garden like
an evening breeze.


...Sid... said...

What lies between the two flowers is exactly what lies between the The Twins - that still make 'em different. I guess - A Personality.

Anil P said...

"We have come a long way
and have not arrived" - very evocative.

Sagar said...

Sid~ :)

Anil~ Thanks. :)

Chandan said...

(screaming distances adn whining seperation.....)
well said Sagar.

Sagar said...

Chandan~ Thanks. :)


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