Priya has tagged me, this is the second time I am being tagged since the time I started blogging. The last time was memorable, this time is going to be funny.

This is what I am supposed to do: Take the sixth picture from the sixth folder and tell a story about it.

I don't have six folders, I don't have any folders, so I decided that this picture from my friend's album will do.

This is near Mons Repose, a decrepit bungalow at the top of a hill in Matheran. I, Chitrak and Dev (from left to right) are walking like Egyptians. The camera is on the window sill of a ruined wall and we all look crazy. This was in college. Today, Dev does geo-informatics, I do Mathematics and Chitrak wants to become a watchman and write a novel. If you ever go to Matheran, have Shabbir's Biryani. It is full of succulent meat and aromatic spices, we loved it.


pRiyA said...

what fun! this reminds me of the mad things my friends and i used to do in college. what i'd give for those days again.
i enjoyed this sagar. you write well. i'm glad i tagged you.

Chit said...

Damn, man :D Amen to that, Priya, good times!

Haha, Matheran was amazing, so many stories still come to mind from just those two days and one night...

And also, Shaggs, the last time you were tagged....memorable is an understatement ;)

Life comes full circle......

Anyone wanting to become a watchman is free to ask me how.

Differently Challenged said...

Where is sagar's hand?? and what is it doing there??

btw: my captcha is Undes

Sagar said...

Priya,Chit,DC~ Thanks. :)

mysterious_malady said...

I landed here from Vamsi's blog. Not sure if you know who that is but thats besides the point. Here to say hey.



RustyNeurons said...

Hi Sagar, I landed from Priya's blog, and I wanted to say you write brilliantly - loved your poetry.


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