What is up with me, is that what you wish to know sir? Yes I am talking to you sir, the person who knows me as an acquaintance. Really, I do not see why the fuck you would want to know or why the fuck I would want to tell you what is up with me, that too when we are passing each other by and do not intend to stop, because you look like you are in a hurry and so am I. Why on earth would you ask me what is up with me when you don't really care and do not have the time to listen? Oh! you wanted to greet me, is that what you are saying dear sir? Well, then greet me! Open your fucking maw and say 'Good Morning' and give me a smile, I would love that. In return, sir, I promise, I will do the same, maybe even nod my head amicably. You would like that, I am sure.

Are you saying that you don't really feel like greeting me that way? Maybe it is your mood sir, I understand, people do not feel like wishing others a Good morning every time they meet and you just happened to make eye contact, so you have to say something. No sir, you don't have to say anything, just give me a smile or flick an eyebrow which says "hey, I know you, but right now I am busy, so later." I will understand, but don't sir, for heaven's sake, don't use your tongue like some paralyzed redundancy flipping between your jaws and blurt that 'ssupp?!' because I hate that abuse of language, the fucking question is misplaced and inappropriate.


Chandan said...

`Paralyzed redundancy flipping between your jaws'....!!
you sound seriously annoyed..

Sagar said...

Chandan~ Annoyance can be exaggerated to sound funny or look beautiful. :)


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