Poems I Do Not Understand

They leave me exhausted, these things,
they are not even elusive. Just plain drab.
They do not inspire me. They send me no messages,
from the remote corners of my soul.
They tell me nothing.

They sit there, all day, making me think of
my boundaries and remind me of things
I do not understand.

I try to give up, and even that
they do not allow.
My fatigue has the texture,
of a day gone bad.

They smell like missing something,
that was not even there. It did not exist.
And they make this existence an uncertainty,
and then a nightmare.


Fingers said...

I know the feeling.
Sometimes it's irritating and sometimes they leave you hanging from a cliff.

Fingers said...

and hey!
nice poem, this one, by the way

Sagar said...

Fingers~ Thanks!

megha punater said...

gosh so know the feeling nice kavita

Sagar said...

megha~Thanks :)

sangeeta said...

good one.. m happy i understood this one.. :)

Sagar said...

sangeeta~Thanks lady :)


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