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Allow me gentlemen, if you will, today, to tell you why this world irritates me when it deals with the fact, that it is possible to seduce women, so callously as it were utterly mundane, a fact to be noted and ignored with a shrug. Obviously? Do I hear you say gentlemen, that women are just as human we men and then that argument about biological desires..... and the rest of it all? That they are human and just as human as we men is indisputable and I as a man am a staunch supporter of that view, why it does not even need support, for it is a fact, not a view. I have, however, some problems with you telling me this: from the fact that women are as human as we men, it is easy to deduce that the possibility of their being seduced is just another fact of this world and that there is nothing truly marvelous about it, that when we talk about a woman being attracted to a man, we are justified in discussing it in the tone we discuss a man being attracted to a woman, and that we can talk about a woman being seduced by a man, while we do our laundry or brush our teeth.

I might sound mad, gentlemen, but allow me, this one observation: We attach a set of emotions to the male kind, and 'caring' is certainly not the first emotion that comes to our mind when we begin building a list. I have this to say: It is possible to seduce women, but not even in the faintest figments of our ideas about the mundane can we talk about it like we talk about all the other things we discuss over beer. One has to discuss a woman being seduced in the same way as one discusses a bud bathed in the morning dew opening to the first rays of the sun. That female seduction is an infinitely sensual thing, wondrous in all it's majesty and only as mundane as the morning fog dispersing under solar warmth.


Differently Challenged said...

Amen to that Brother.

Maybe this quote will help us out:
Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be.
- William Hazlitt

Sagar said...

DC~ Well said :-)

Varada said...

Bravo! It is a well written post and i must say i took a minute of pondering to absorb it.
You did indeed express your pov well Sagar.

What was it that made you write about this so emotionally (if i may say so)?

Sagar said...

Varada~Thanks. The emotion is just indicating how strongly it irritates me when people pretend not to see the marvel that a female getting seduced is.

juice said...

i suppose i am the first female blogger to comment. very well written. i think all men should read this. it is rather disgusting the way they can behave when it comes to their female counterparts.
so how come you stayed away from our brilliant lit. dept?

Sagar said...

juice~ Thanks, You are the second female blogger to comment, the first is varada. :)

I was not sure if your lit dept would be interested in my kind of writing.


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