Look! Your enemy,
Cut, slash, rape, kill.
Loot and burn, burn again,
Smell the fat and the flesh,
Scrape it off the walls,
bury it with the bones,
and ask for justice.

Act before they do,
kill before they do,
Let your demons loose,
snatch their women,
ah! this flesh,
ah! this rage,
slit, cut, split!
and then vote.


Anonymous said...

you are too depressive :)
and sloomy it reflects thru your blog

Anonymous said...

sorry gloomy

Sagar said...

Anon~ Ah! :)

Anonymous said...

watever makes u happy

Chit said...

Hahahaha, i love this one! Its so funny! :D Humorous poetry, i didn't know you had it in you! :D


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