An apology

She was expecting them, as she played around with the paper weight on the ebony desk, the union had grown unusually strong and the apology they would offer was a confrontation more than anything else she wanted it to be. It was late afternoon, the sun drew parallel lines of light upon the walls and the paintings it held. The air within was conditioned but her forehead was moist with anticipation. The corridor housing her office housed only three other offices and the hour demanded that they be vacant. Bodyguards were wrong strategy, her superiors informed her, as it would symbolize lack of faith. The corridor to which the narrow door of her office opened ran both ways and one could run a whole minute without once having to look at a stair that led to the other parts of the office complex housing similar corridors. Her mind drifted to the main entrance of the office complex and from the nook that she was thinking it seemed a mile away, she would generally not journey towards the entrance alone, for it was unbearably quiet and claustrophobic in the several long corridors. There was a window at either ends of the corridor covered with milky glass, the light was just enough to show the staff to the stairs.

The appointment was scheduled at four in the evening and it was five minutes past four now. She had pulled on her overcoat, for it was slightly damp and musty in the room. She could now hear the muffled footfall of several men in the corridor.

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