The wind was blowing warmth through windows of the tin bus, and even when the clock suggested that things be darker and cooler, the sun continued to radiate from well above the horizon. The road was a medley of whirring car engines and horns. The bus was now at a crossing and the evening was just like another weekday evening in this part of the city, people in their cars returning to what they called their home or to fancy restaurants, lounges, pubs, libraries and food.

The signal showed red and beside the bus came to halt a water tanker, it looked like a green dung beetle with a red mouth, a strong radio blared from the driver's seat, the red of his cockpit was gleaming with a mock against the sun, and if one looked at it, would in all certainty, bring a sigh of exasperation and curse the heat around. The tank in the rear which carried water (one is compelled to think that there is water inside the tank) was deep green in colour, the green looking at which one is reminded of the deep gloom in a prison cell or the deep feeling of loss and remorse. And further behind, as one continued to look along the length of the beast there was a huge tap with a cog wheel which when turned would bring the water gushing from the four inch wide spout.

She wore a cheap synthetic yellow sari, her frame was shriveled and her jaws swathed in dark skin glowing off the radiant heat, her eyes were fixed on the cog wheel and the wide spout, her hand carried an empty bottle made of plastic that was bruised and foggy, her feet hurried towards the tanker, knowing well that signals don't wait for the thirsty, she reached for the cog wheel and with all the strength her feeble hands could afford she tried to wrench it open, just then the giant beetle moved jerking away it's inertia, the signal went green.


Dhun said...

"The road was a medley of whirring car engines and horns."
Nice! I've seen these people so often!! You can't help but stare in fascination and marvel at their survival instinct. It's one of the things you only find on the streets of Bombay.

Chit said...

Really brings me back home, man. :) The language is great in this one.

Sagar said...

Chit, Dhun~ Thanks!


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