Yet Again

I do not know what they call the tree occupying the corner of the east lawn. It has a trunk that looks brown and has prominent wrinkles, It stands taller than the building nearby and has leaves that look too small for its size. i think they have a glossy surface. On a closer looks one finds that the branches colonize in their final stages, giving the tree the look of a conglomeration of overlapping leaf clusters that quiver with the sea breeze. It bears white frail flowers that keep falling all over the green lawn by the dozens and render the ground beneath the tree with a white aura. Sometimes, if I wait, I get to see a single flower falling from the highest branch, the fragile white thing spins around itself in mid air before resting on the green beneath the lawn.


samudrika said...

well, it is called the "tabubia" tree.

Sagar said...

Samudrika~ Thank You. :-), and welcome.


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