The Actor

This post is dedicated to Dr.Shriram Lagoo for his play 'Natasamrat'

Why do you,
around yourself, a universe spin?
Why do you,
upon your angry brow, give birth,
to tragedy's kin?

Clenching fists,
Shuddering cheeks,
Blooming mists,
of the darkest keeps.

What have you?
In your eyes so red,
What have you?
In your thunderous voice,
They torment me in my screaming bed,
And the life in my warring choice.

How they stomp, you drunken feet,
How they lurch and last they meet,
Did they stop? Did they fail?
The leary top, the heavy ale.


Chit said...

I Like this one. :D

Sagar said...


varada said...

Me 2

Sagar said...


Supriya said...

It's nice, even though i don't understand it all! What is Natasamrat about, very briefly?

Sagar said...

Supriya~ Natasamrat is a very famous marathi play whose orginal protagonist was Dr.Shriram Lagoo.
It is the story of a very talented stage actor who in his old age gives away all his money to his ungrateful children children, who abandon him in his final years.
Tha play is marked by a pungent melodrama and the dialouges carry tremendous force.


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