Another lock clicks
open, into yet another void.
The clock upon the wall ticks,
another fancy toyed.

thought flows to cease
the words that clog the ink,
from whose dark pools do you,
to your health drink?

do you see a wound?
I ask,
for the fox tonight howls,
the crows upon the hill bask,
flashing salivary jowls.

I saw the wind tossing
the grief that towers,
the face upon the showers passing,
that relentlessly glowers.


Differently Challenged said...

so poetry too.
IMHO it seems a little bit forced into rhyming; If u would have let it be free, it would be in its natural state.

Otherwise the ideas expressed are good

Sagar said...

DC~ yes, poetry too, Im experimenting, it is a lot of fun. Thanks for the comment, It helps me inspect my work.

Chit said...

dunnow, didn't connect with me, really. Personally, I though it could flow smoother, but given that Ogden Nash is a Great Poet, your poetry may only be going over my head. Anyway, really glad to see you try new things. Keep it up!

gomse said...

sagar's first (mis)adventure into the realms of poetry... or is it the first? :)

Sagar said...

chit~glad you are giving me a margin,
I have a insight, which I shall tell you about when we meet or on phone.


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