Humans and My blog

Here is a mail I received from the site blogsinspace :

Sagar Kolte,

Congratulations! Blog in has crowned your blog
with the title of "Most Likely To Be Contacted" for its
outstanding ability to potentially provoke alien responses
back to Planet Earth. This means your blog will be
featured on the homepage of on February 1,
2006 complete with a screenshot and a link to your site.

-The Blog in Space Team

Now please tell me how my blog reflects the human culture so well.


chingachgook said...

hahahahah this is so much fun!!
did they actually put your photo and all on feb 1??
your famous!!hahahhahahhah

Sagar said...

Yes they did!

Meenakshi said...

Hey dude!! Entered your world for the first time today.Very very well written I must say.I'm highly Impressed Mr.Kolte.And dat's a compliment coming from a Stephanian.Be full of life!!

Sagar said...

Meenakshi~thanks :)

chit said...

Well, are you sure an alien would read it because it reflected humans well, or because it reflects a culture more alien to human society than any other? After all, we watch the tv shows that remind us of ourselves in little ways. Perhaps you strike the society as wot an alien would most likely be like. Don't take that as an insult; that may be humanity's only hope.

Sagar said...

Chit~ the 'dont take it as an insult' part was not needed!

Thanks. :)

Chit said...

Hey! I finally have a blog!check it out!

And more importantly, i've set up blogs for St Xaviers and our batch at Xaviers!

PS why does "1 user online" look like "1 loser online" the night before your prelims?

Atul Sabnis said...

so what happens next? just wait?

Chit said...

um, sagar, i hate to be a wet blanket and all, but i'm sure you'll find this much less wonderful if you go and check out the blog they have featured now.

arjun said...

hi sagar...sorry to make random comments here...unrelated to your post ....

sorry about the love discussion comment....i didnt mean to start up a fight....from the tone of your two comments on my page and from their temporal proximity to my own post on the xaviers blog i think i might have angered you

heres an olive branch....also i'd love to defend myself and what i wrote in person to you maybe when you get to the tifr interview.

and yes you win....i certainly appear more jobless than you guys with my online persona...


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