It is difficult to stand the feeling you get when you imagine yourself creating that melody.

True, you have to be bigger than your creation.


dhun said...

wha.. ?!??

Sagar said...

Well, let me explain.

It is not enough to be capable of creating, you have to be caable of surviving your creation.

You cannot create a masterpiece unless it is obvious to you that you can create one.
A mother cannot give birth to a child unless she is strong enough to outlast the process of creation

chingachgook said...

(eyes rolling)
the best analogy i have come across explaining the relation between god as the creator and existence as the creation is that of a dancer and her dance.
ofcourse by dancer i mean a dancer personified i.e. a dancer and nothing else.
so the creation and the creator cannot be separated.
then ofcourse if you are creating something by your mind you can never be sure its your own....
also if you imply a mother creating a baby... she is not really doing it consciously... max she is initiating the process consciously.. so i dont know how far you can call the mother the creator of the child.

Sagar said...

Well, the 'real' creator is not important in this case, all Im saying is that the medium of creation (the mother, if you like it) has to be stronger than the thing created.

The medium cannot be overwhelmed by the creation, in which case the process of creation gets distorted or even destroyed.


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