Degrees of Dynamism

I have been writing about things I see, things I felt like grasping with all my senses. I could not write about all of them though. It is difficult. There is some content of dynamism in each phenomena, it will decide how well you can describe the process as it happened, for instance how would you describe a bon fire, the flames and their radiance for instance? It is easier to describe a boy(previous post)than a flame that is being ruffled by the wind, I could use smilies and metaphors, but I want it (the description
) to be free of conditioning, experience, the past. I wish to convey the phenomena as a one day old kid knowing English would describe it. How does on describe things that are totally new? I mean never seen before, not even as a simile. How does one see things without comparing, connecting, relating?


Fingers said...

Sagar, no matter how much we try, our objectivity is still subjective, isn't it?

This post is very interesting and only last night I was having a long conversation with someone about this sort of thing.

Sagar said...

It is tough with all the conditioning of a thousand years upon our minds.

It it tougher because we think of objectivity as the opposite of subjectivity. With this paradigm it is by definition impossible to be objective, for then it is a bias towards objectiveness. This has been discussed under the post "tags".


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