The beginning

I have decided to start blogging, the reasons are as usual hazy, but one of the prime reasons could be that I like the flow of smooth simple English describing my life or the world around me. In what is to follow you may find emotions, notes about the life around me, and some digression into mathematical thought(I shall strive to keep such instances a rarity).

I find it extremely important to convey to the reader of this blog that he shall at no costs find opinions or solutions to problems if they are not from the realm of mathematics.

Next, I shall explain the title of the blog, well here goes:
One way of interpreting the surprising order around you is to look into the deep, fundamental underlying chaos that is omnipresent, for it is through this chaos that the order emanates. If we understand this interplay of order and chaos we can become men of art. Life, because this blog will basically portray life as I perceive it. And maths because I enjoy mathematics.

I do not intend to keep this blog sterile and humorless, and I hope the reader finds it(humor) trickling through these posts.

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